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Yazda – An International Yazidi Organization

Yazda is a US-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, established to support the Yazidi ethno-religious minority group in the United States and the Yazidi homeland in northern Iraq and northeastern Syria. Yazda’s mission is to support the Yazidi community in the aftermath of the August 2014 genocide, committed by the so-called “Islamic State”, that resulted in the death of three to five thousand civilians; abduction of five to seven thousand, mostly woman and children; and the displacement of 400,000 people from the Yazidi homelands in Sinjar, the Nineveh plain, and Syria.

Organization goals:

  1. Protection of the Yazidi people throughout the world and the prevention of future genocides against Yazidis.
  2. Supporting the survivors of the Yazidi genocide.
  3. Strengthening ties between Yazidi organizations around the world to ensure future protection of the Yazidi people. Yazda will work with other Yazidi organizations to form an umbrella organization for Yazidi communities worldwide.
  4. Commitment to finding a safe home country for the Yazidi ethnic group where they are protected by the law to ensure that no future genocide or violence will target Yazidis.
  5. Working to locate and free Yazidi abductees who were abducted by terrorists during the ISIL genocide campaign against the Yezidi people.
  6. Organizing treatment and therapy for Yazidi genocide survivors, especially for women who were subject to sexual slavery and children who have been subject to severe trauma.
  7. Locating lost Yazidis and organizing investigations on behalf of the victims of the Yazidi Genocide.
  8. Documenting the Yazidi Genocide and collecting evidence on the extent of human and material loss.
  9. Collecting personal stories from Yazidi Genocide Survivors. Yazda is committed to writing and documenting every single story.
  10. Building a Yazidi Genocide Museum in the capitals of the free world to educate the world on the Yazidi Genocide.
  11. Working with countries and institutions of the free world to protect other ethnic groups in the world and help prevent future genocides.
  12. Working on strengthening dialogue amongst world populations.
  13. Promote and support educational and cultural exchange programs between Yazidi Genocide Survivors and contribute to their healing.
  14. Coordinate with U.S. hospitals and clinics to accept genocide victims for treatment and therapy.
  15. Promote research on the history, culture, and contemporary struggles of the Yazidi people.


Yazda Vision

“Unite Our Nation – Never another Genocide.”


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Yezidi Temple in Sinjar