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Yazda – An International Yazidi Organization

Yazda, registered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization in the U.S, Sweden, UK and as a local NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraqi. Yazda is also in the process of registration in Germany and Canada.

Yazda made up of roughly 90 staff and 300 volunteers around the globe. Yazda was established in 2014 by Yazidi Americans-Eupeans following the campaign of ethnic cleansing and sexual enslavement that was conducted by the self-declared “Islamic State” (IS) militants.

This campaign was part of a project of attempted genocide that sought to eradicate the Yazidi community from the region. Yazda was formed to respond to the various needs of the displaced and traumatized Yazidi community as well as other ethno-religious communities in Iraq.

The mission of Yazda is to support the surviving victims of the genocide and to ensure the future safety of the Yazidis and other ethno-religious minority groups in Iraq and Syria.

Yazda was designated one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social Good by Fast Company magazine for 2017. Yazda works in partnership with numerous high profile international organisations such as UNDP, WHO, NCA and Human Rights Watch. In addition, Yazda has many well known supporters such as Louis Moreno Ocampo, former Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court and Amal Clooney who is currently acting as Yazda’s Counsel. Furthermore, Yazda`s work has been positively referenced in many UN reports and Yazda`s reports have been cited by many international organisations and media outlets as sources of reliable and credible information.

Yazda`s current initiatives include the following:
1- Sponsor and support the campaign of Ms Nadia Murad, Yazidi survivor and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador as well as her initiative which aims to provide humanitarian support to victims of genocide.
2- A case management IT platform for former captives of IS
3- Psychosocial Treatment and Trauma Support Centre for Female Survivors of IS Enslavement
4- Mobile medical service on Mount Sinjar for displaced people
5- Sinjar outreach project with UNDP
6- Advancement of reconstruction in areas devastated by IS
7- Genocide documentation
8- Educational and cultural projects
9- Targeted worldwide advocacy campaign to promote the rights and humanitarian needs of Yazidis and other ethno religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.
10- Essyan Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Primary Health Care Centre
11- Campaign with Amal Clooney for prosecution of IS leaders and activists for genocide before a competent international tribunal
12- Forensic architecture project with Luis Ocampo and Goldsmiths University.
13- Aid projects



Yazda Vision

“Unite Our Nation – Never another Genocide.”

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Yezidi Temple in Sinjar


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