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Announcement: A New Educational Program in Sinjar

Yazda announce a new education program in Sinjar

Yazda is delighted to announce a new education project in partnership with Forix Foundation to benefit another 300 students in the northern part of Sinjar.

The project will offer informal literacy education for children between 6 and 15 and will provide formal English classes and opportunities for creative thinking.
9 paid teachers and 4 volunteers will support 300 students at educational centers, located in Dohula, Dogri and Borek complexes, northern Sinjar.

The project will last three months from 1st of April to 1st of July…Read more here:

Yazda distributed 40,218 USD over 32 female genocide survivors during the last January

Yazda distributed 40,218 USD over 32 female genocide survivors

Through Yazda’s case management program, and with the help of US Freedom House, 32 survivors received 40,218 USD in form of cash assistance during January. This cash assistance was received as part of incremental payment plan. The funds are used to cover emergency needs of the survivors. Yazda is grateful to the Freedom House for the funding and thankful to Sun Force Sisters for supporting our case management program.

An appeal to protect civilians and stop the military escalation in Afrin

An appeal to protect civilians and stop the military escalation in Afrin.

As military operations continue to escalate in the area of Afrin, northern Syria, tens of thousands of civilians face an immediate threat to their lives. There is the potential of a major humanitarian crisis as a result of continued violence, the wave of displacement from these areas and the absence of an effort to stop this. Since the beginning of the military operations in these areas, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been driven from their homes or unable to leave.

We fear that some extremist groups will use civilians as pawns and commit crimes against them, as has happened in Iraq. There are great fears that Yazidis will be targeted on the basis of their religious identity and there is evidence that this has already begun.

Yazidis and other civilians in the areas of Basofan, Qiba, and Sherwa face great danger from nearby bombing, looting, and robbery. There are 3500 Yazidis in the village of Basofan, many of whom have fled from surrounding villages. People fled today for regime-controlled areas away from Turkish forces. Yazidi shrines are being burned, and forcible conversions are taking place on those remaining in these areas.

This is a flagrant violation of human rights and requires intervention and serious measures taken to stop this from continuing. Due to current events and the large wave of civilian displacement, we call on the United Nations, the European Union, the International Security Council and those on the ground, such as Russia and the United States, to work on the following points to avoid further escalation and endangering the lives of civilians.

1-Work on a cease-fire in the city of Afrin and the delivery of urgent humanitarian and medical assistance to the displaced persons stranded in these areas
2-Open a secure corridor from the areas of Al-Nobeel and Al-Zahhra towards Aleppo and Al-Jazeera in order to remove civilians from the frontlines.
3-Provide necessary protection for the civilians who have fled from Basoufan.
4-Call on the conflicting sides not to use civilians as human shields for their political agendas and to move them far away from the front-line.

Yazda Board of Directors

Yazda opens a temporary health center in Senone sub-district after the sudden closure of Sinjar hospitals

After the closure of hospitals in Sinjar and Senone sub-district, Yazda has opened a temporary health care center to fill out the gap that created from the closure of hospitals, and to continue to provide healthcare services to people who need medical treatments.
The center will be open 24/7 service and it will focus on the urgent and most needy cases. Yazda mobile clinic team will serve patients until a solution is find to re-open both hospitals.
Yazda calls on healthcare providers in the area to volunteer and joint its team until the problem is solved by concerned authorities.

Statement By Nadia Murad On The Situation of Afrin

Press Release from UNODC goodwill ambassador,Nadia Murad.

Today, I received information that the area of Afrin inhabited by Kurds, Yazidis, and Christians is under siege from all sides. There is only one road through which people can leave the city. 200 civilians have been killed, including 3 Yazidi children. Shrines and religious sites have been destroyed or forcibly converted into mosques. People’s homes are being looted and minorities are being shamed by extremist militias. Many of these actions are war crimes and should be documented.

This horror is reminiscent of the initial actions of ISIS in Iraq. Medical and healthcare services are urgently needed. This situation foreshadows “ethnic cleansing” and genocide. I appeal to the UN, the EU, and UN Security Council to demand that all sides respect the rights of civilians and work toward a cease fire.

I also call on humanitarian organizations and UN agencies to provide support to civilians in the areas where access to food and medicine is rapidly disappearing. All sides in Syria should work together for a peace process that will ensure peace, stability, the protection of the rights of all religious and ethnic minorities. Now is the time to heal wounds, avoid further escalations and return to normality for people in Iraq and Syria.

Yazda and the Nebraska branch of United Nation Association hold an event on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On the international Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, 2017, Yazda USA and the Nebraska branch of United Nation Association (UNA-USA) sponsored a program at Second Baptist Church in Lincoln to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The program started with a speech delivered by David Forsythe, a distinguished scholar of human rights, about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ‏Yazda members presented an introduction to Yazidis and Yazidism, a statement to define Islamic State (IS) and why they targeted Yazidis. Followed by a personal story from a Yazidi woman who is a survivor of Yazidi genocide. The program ended with the role of Yazda organization in humanitarian intervention and advocacy for human rights