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Endangered Religious Minorities in the Middle East and Their Struggle for Survival Fordham University

On May 10, 2016 Haider Elias Yazda President, participated in a conference hosted by Fordham University Center on Religion and Culture. The purpose of the conference was to make awareness about the struggles of religious minorities in the Middle East.
Haider Elias made a brief introduction to the Yazidi religious minority that has nourished in the region for millennia and rooted in the beliefs of ancient Mesopotamia, and how it is now on the verge of extinction.
He also outlined some of Yazda goals in few years from now, such as: the liberation of the entire Sinjar area and provide security with the participation of all security forces including the Coalition forces.
To form a joint command force out of all the local forces that also includes international forces.
To form a local administration from among the Yazidi people that is acceptable to everyone.
To support the Yazidis in their ancestral homelands in Northern Iraq, through the liberation of their areas, through the provision of security and international protection, and through the formation of local governance drawn from the Yazidi people, under the supervision of UN.
To find a safe path for those Yazidis who choose to leave the Middle East; considering that the Yazidis are a minority that has been repeatedly targeted with annihilation for their religious identity.
To work on creating more humanitarian projects for the internally displaced and refugees from the Yazidi community To work on building strong relations with international institutions and to create a Yazidi lobby that is able to legitimately serve as a Yazidi voice, in order to achieve the will of the Yazidis in building their future.


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(photos by Fordham University/ Leo Sorel)