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Nadia Murad and Yazda Executive Director to visit Ottawa and testify before House of Commons

For immediate release, July 17, 2016

Nadia Murad, a survivor of enslavement and human trafficking carried out by the so-called “Islamic State” (or “ISIS”), and a human rights activist, and Murad Ismael, Yazda Executive Director, will visit Ottawa from July 18th-26th. The purpose of the visit is to highlight the situation of the Yazidi people under the ongoing Genocide, threats of terrorism on the civilized world, and immigration for refugees and persecuted people.


Nadia Murad and Murad Ismael will testify before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on the 19th of July at 10:00am. Ms. Murad will provide her account to facilitate decision-making processes associated with the Immigration Measures for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups. Ms. Murad will also meet with other officials within Canadian government and the Parliament.  Mr. Ismael will speak on challenges facing the future of the Yazidi people after the genocide and needs of Yazidi people and refugees.

Full Press Release Nadia Murad and Yazda ED to visit Canada