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New and Ongoing Public Health Services in Essyan IDP Camp

Under the umbrella of its public health education program, Yazda recently started a first aid workshop in the Essyan IDP Camp*. In total, there are 45 participants in the workshop, and they are being trained to take immediate action when there is a case requiring treatment in a location that is far from the clinic and/or there is no doctor available. The training began two days ago and will continue for the next four days. In this time, the participants will be able to acquire as much knowledge as possible in the event that they need to treat patients in the future.

This initiative emerged out of Yazda’s desire to provide the community with a broad base of knowledge to deal with health emergencies that require urgent intervention, and to preserve the integrity of individuals in the process.

Yazda’s public health education program began in June, and was aimed at informing various sectors of the community. In particular, one of the first objectives of the initiative was to raise awareness among food vendors about the potential dangers associated with foodborne illness, a program which will continue throughout the summer.

Beyond these recent initiatives aimed at raising awareness around public health issues, Yazda Medical continues to operate as Essyan IDP Camp’s primary health center (or “PHC”) and is serving the community at full capacity. At least 17,000 individuals have utilized the services of Yazda Medical, and the clinic receives around 185 individuals on a daily basis, providing medical care from first aid to minor surgeries, as well as psychological support. The clinic consists of 25 staff members and volunteers representing a variety of specialties (including doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, among others), and this staff is available 24 hours a day to receive patients in need of emergency treatment. Finally, Yazda Medical provides an ambulance to transport patients to Duhok hospitals if treatment is required that is beyond what the Essyan clinic can offer.

*Essyan is an IDP camp located within the Duhok Governorate in the Shekhan District. This camp houses around 14,000 IDPs, for whom Yazda is the sole provider of medical services.

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