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Opening Yazda in Germany

Opening Yazda in Germany


Yazda is pleased to announce that it is in the beginning stages of setting up branches across Germany.

We are opening an application period for those who are interested in joining and/or working for Yazda. We seek qualified people who have a desire and passion to establish Yazda local leadership where the work will be focused within various functional committees.

Applicants must fill out and send the attached Yazda Germany application forms with a copy of their CV.

After selecting Yazda Germany leadership from each province, the crew will proceed to the next stage of launching their work with the help and support of Yazda major board members. This will then lead to the official registration of Yazda. After finishing the registration process, the Yazda Germany board will receive the applicants who are interested in supporting the work of the organization.

Applicant qualifications and requirements:

1 – All applicants must be independent and not involved in and/or belong to any political activities or parties, and must believe and follow the principles and values of Yazda’s strategy in working and dealing with all international and local parties to serve the Yazidi people.

2 – Applicants must hold a college degree or an equivalent academic degree to be eligible for leadership or any other education level for non leadership levels.

3 – Applicants must have a desire and willingness to work voluntarily and be able to dedicate time for the task.

4 – Applicants must speak German, English, the mother tongue or Arabic.

5 – Applicants must fill the attached form along with their CVs to our email address or listed in the application form.

6 – All applicants must be aware of that all Yazda branches are affiliated with and led by the main branch in USA.

7 – Yazda Germany will be on probation for six months so that new members can familiarize themselves with the Yazda strategy and in order to acclimate with each other as a team.

8 – Yazda leadership in every country is independent in terms of the work itself but the work should always fit within Yazda by-laws and protocols.

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