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Often forgotten about during periods of crisis, children are greatly affected by conflict and displacement. They endure the hardship of fleeing from their homes, living in camps or deteriorating urban settings, and often bear witness to gross violence or the death of family members. These children have a right to safe spaces and healing care, but resources can be limited.

In Iraq, thousands of Yazidi children have been orphaned since the ISIS attacks of 2014, while others have been held in captivity and forced to participate in violent acts. Many of the children who avoided capture by ISIS still live in camps without access to education and proper care. Their childhoods are being stolen from them.

One of Yazda’s primary goals is to provide direct humanitarian and education support for Yazidi youth. Currently, Yazda is only able to assist children who visit our Women’s Center located in Duhok. This limits the number we are able to reach, therefore we are hopeful to acquire funding to expand these services to also help children living in IDP camps and the Sinjar region.

Our present education goals include:

  • Documentation and identification of children who need sponsorship or adoption
  • Mobilization of resources to provide direct humanitarian aid
  • Establishing educational programming to ensure that children continue to receive the education they deserve, as well providing trauma and medical support

*Presently, the education program requires donors to provide more comprehensive programming