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The Essyan Camp Primary Health Care Center

As thousands have poured into IDP camps, health care has become a high priority since government services are now strained by the large influx of people. To assist with needs, Yazda has opened a Primary Health Center in Essyan IDP camp located near Baadre.

Essyan camp holds over 14,500 IDPs. These people, as well as IDPs in the surrounding areas, are able to access services through the Primary Health Center. Presently, the center includes a staff of over 20 people including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, a dentist, a gynecologist, and other medical professionals who serve hundreds of patients a day.

The center was constructed with the help of UNICEF and is maintained and operated by Yazda through an agreement with the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Health.

The Center’s provision of adequate health care is rooted in humanitarian principles and follows three operational guidelines:

  1. All ill, wounded, and disabled people must receive the medical care and attention they require with the least possible delay
  2. Special attention must be given to the health needs of women and girls who have been raped or subjected to other forms of sexual abuse or gender based violence
  3. An electronic health records system (EHR) must function to guarantee complete patient information and for service providers to make well-informed treatment decisions quickly and safely. Yazda presently operates the only known EHR in the region. Benefits of the EHR include:

– No hard copy records to track, store and manage
– Easier access to clinical data
– Reduction of physician workflow
– More accurate identification of necessary lab tests
– Less medical efforts, improved patient safety and stronger corroboration for clinical decision making
– The ability to transfer patient charts to outside medical facilities seamlessly
Enhancement of patient care

The Primary Health Center strives to assist all those in need of medical care but gives special attention to women and girls who were enslaved by ISIS/ISIL. These women have been subjected to severe violence and require added attention including psychosocial support and reproductive services.

Mount Sinjar Mobile Medical Clinic

Yazda’s mobile medical clinic provides free health care to people in remote areas around Sinjar Mountain. The people residing in these areas are either displaced or returnees trying to rebuild their lives. There is a severe shortage of services in this region and most do not have access to proper medical care.

The mission of Yazda’s mobile clinic is to address the need for accessible, cost-effective primary health care by bringing the doctor to the people. Yazda’s ability to deliver services directly to difficult to reach mountain villages helps us respond to the needs of people who may otherwise have been left undiagnosed and untreated. Furthermore, because the organization is predominantly Yazidi and consequently understand patients’ hardships firsthand, the clinic can serve those who would otherwise be too fearful or embarrassed to seek medical help elsewhere.

The mobile clinic provides full-time, 5 days a week, medical coverage. Since our inception, we have been serving more than 2,100 patients per month in about 35 locations on the north side of Sinjar Mountain. Yazda is grateful for the powerful collaboration of like-minded individuals who have aligned with us to ensure that health care for the people of Mount Sinjar is available. We are especially appreciative to the Central Council of Yazidis in Germany who provided us our mobile clinic vehicle as well as the Dohuk Department of Health who generously provides much needed medicines.


Public Health Education Campaign

Additionally, Yazda is currently carrying out a public health education campaign. This includes raising awareness among food vendors and the public on the potential for foodborne illness, and a six-day first aid training course that just recently graduated its first class of 40 (made up of IDPs living in the camp and some medical professionals). This program is about helping Yazidis in Essyan acquire knowledge on the principles of first aid and equipping them to intervene in emergency situations when they are far from the PHC and/or the appropriate medical professional is not available.