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Yazda in Partnership with UNDP Expands its Shingal Outreach Project

Yazda is pleased to announce $572000 expansion of our Shingal Outreach project in cooperation with UNDP.  Previously, Yazda has worked in the Shingal (Sinjar) region of Iraq to distribute material aid and livelihood support, conduct community outreach activities, and provide medical and psychosocial facilities for the local community.

Shingal Outreach will focus on further material aid and livelihood support opportunities. Our other programs operating in the region will continue on an ongoing basis.

In July of 2016, Yazda signed an agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to become an implementing partner in Shingal(Sinjar). The cooperation and support offered by the UNDP greatly expands Yazda’s capacity to serve and support the local community in Shingal.

Among both local and international NGOs, Yazda has unparalleled access to, dialogue with, and knowledge of the local community in Shingal, its history and geography, and its unique problems and challenges. We expect Shingal Outreach to serve a minimum of 2,500 of the most vulnerable households on and north of Shingal Mountain (in Sinjar and Sinuni subdistricts).


These households will receive immediate livelihood empowerment. Special emphasis will be given to female-headed households, ISIS survivors and people with special needs

  • Activities may include the following, as needs assessments indicate:
  • The provision of beehives and beekeeping training,
  • The distribution of egg-laying chickens,
  • The distribution of milking goats,
  • The provision of soap-making classes and the equipment necessary to start soap-making businesses,
  • The provision of midwifery training provided to women with existing medical backgrounds,
  • The provision of classes for tailoring and sewing, in addition to sewing machines and materials needed to start sewing businesses, and
  • The provision of seeds, trees, and irrigation equipment to local families needed to revitalize their farms.

Yazda hopes that our Shingal Outreach project will facilitate and support families returning to Shingal or families located in the area that were displaced from August 2014. If returns are to be possible, it is of the utmost importance to begin providing the kind of revitalizing support that will enable vulnerable families in Shingal to survive. Focused livelihood support will also help reignite the local economy in a robust way.


The total budget for this project is $572000 and this amount will be distributed in four phases for a period of six months.
Yazda would like to thank the UNDP for its generous support of our activities and of the local community. We look forward to working together and to ongoing partnerships in the future.