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Yazda statement on today’s incident in Khanesor, Sinjar

With great concern, Yazda follows the situation in Shingal (Sinjar) after an armed conflict took place today near the town of Khanesor between the Rojava Peshmerga and YBS group that resulted in causalities among the two groups.
According to our sources in Sinjar, the armed conflict resulted in displacement of hundreds of families from Khanesor and nearby areas. Yazda has not been able to confirm whether there were casualties among the Yazidi civilians.
The armed conflict also resulted in a psychological shock among the returnees population. We estimate that 40,000 people are currently living in Al-Shingal municipality (Sinone) and Sardashte.
Yazda, as a global Yazidi organization defending the rights of Yazidis and their interests, clarifies and states the following:
1. We object all armed conflicts in the Yazidi areas between the rival groups and call to immediately halt them, protect civilians and their properties, and restore calm on the ground. We call on all sides to self-control when dealing with the current sensitive events. We maintain equidistance from all rival groups who resisted or fought against the so-called (Daesh), we believe that a unity serves interests all the groups as well as the victims.
2. Yazda demand from all parties to ensure safety of all Yazidi civilians and citizens. No conflict should be taking place in areas of population concentrations in the towns and villages. In case of any human loses, the combatting groups shall held the responsibility.
3. Yazda’s position is that Yazidis must have rights to determine their future and type of governance they prefer. Yazda demands that all parties respect the will of Yazidi population in this area and all Yazidi areas. Opinion of Yazidi people must be taken into consideration in all issues related to their future.
4. Yazda sees that the solution in Sinjar must be based on a mutual Kurdistanian-Iraqi understanding with mediation from the international community and the UN so that the Yazidis are protected from future genocides.
5. Yazda call on all parties to depend on the dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the differences and reaffirm that we are ready to play a role in reconciliation between the Kurdish groups to resolve any outstanding issues to work out a solution for post-ISIS stage.
6. Yazda call on all Yazidi sides to abstain themselves from any armed conflicts. We reiterate that the only enemy Yazidi have is the terrorist groups and their supporters who participated in committing the Genocide. Yazda also appeals to the Yazidi groups to play a positive role in the reconciliation between the Kurdish groups and prevent internal conflict.
Yazda leadership affirms as a Yazidi organization that we stand to same distance from all parties and that we do not prefer one political side from another, Yazda’s aim is to establish security and peace for the Yazidi after the Genocide and advocate for creating a future so that no future genocide take place.
Yazda Board
March 3 2017