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16 Years Old Yazidi Victim of ISIS Enslavement Died Today

16-year-old Shahad needed heart surgery. The Yazda team in Iraq visited her twice & sadly there was not enough time to treat her severe health problems or arrange for her transport to Europe, as recommended by doctors. A report from her physician is attached for more clarification.

Shahad was held captive by ISIS for several years and was tortured physically and emotionally, which is one of the causes of her severe myocardiopathy. ISIS reportedly only “sold her” because her condition was untreatable. 

Yazda tries to respond to these cases as quickly as possible but unfortunately, we do not have quick response mechanisms available.
We hope that more help will be offered by international hospitals, NGOs, or countries to allow us to take victims outside Iraq for immediate treatment when needed.
Many victims return from captivity with severe health and psychological conditions that are untreatable inside Iraq and require an immediate response.

We are grateful to countries and governments like Australia, Canada, and Germany that took in many survivors and their families. We hope that more countries will offer similar opportunities for treatment or resettlement. Hospitals or NGOs working in the field of health and trauma are welcome to contact Yazda via our email to discuss partnership in supporting Yazidi women and girls who managed to escape captivity and who remain living under difficult conditions in Iraq.

Yazda is working with the family of Shahad, who themselves survived captivity, to receive emergency cash assistance through Freedom House. Yazda and the Yazidi community are grateful to Freedom House who has supported hundreds of girls over the past three years with emergency cash assistance.