Administrative Support for Survivors

Since June 2016, Yazda has provided administrative support to over 1500 survivours, mainly in helping for administrative process. The most frequent cases are:

  1. Application for the small pension for survivors
  2. Replacement of missing documents.
  3. Applications for resettlement in Canada, USA, Australia.
  4. Application to funds that allow a one-off payment to survivors.
  5. Family reunification in foreign countries.
  6. Administrative follow-ups on special cases (children with no family and especially vulnerable individuals)

Yazda works with the Iraqi government to provide ongoing financial support to the survivors. Yazda worked with the Baghdad’s Directorate of Women’s Protection (part of the Ministry of Social Affairs) to create a “Bataqa” card (similar to a government issued card that provides regular income to IDPs and refugees). This card is specifically for female survivors of IS enslavement and will provide a small monthly stipend to each woman for the rest of her life. Yazda uses our database to complete applications and provides them to the government; after they are processed, the cards are issued to the women at the Yazda office. So far, hundreds of Bataqa cards have been given to the survivors, and this project is ongoing.

In addition, Yazda identifies survivors trapped in Kurdistan Region/Northern Iraq or in refugee camps in neighbouring countries and has carried out pre-screening to assist the resettlement process for countries like Canada and Australia that offer asylum.