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An Uncertain Future for Yazidis: A Report Marking Three Years of an Ongoing Genocide

Three years after IS’s genocidal attacks, as the military campaign against IS progresses, this report intends to evaluate the current situation of Yazidis living in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), highlighting the main challenges and areas of concern. This report will focus in particular on the current situation and needs of the Yazidi survivors, as well as those Yazidis who are still in captivity. It outlines the achievements to date of the advocacy campaign for genocide accountability and justice, as well as future priorities, and highlights work to secure the civil and political rights of Yazidis in Iraq. Political and military complications in the Yazidi homeland in Iraq are covered, as are the humanitarian situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs), the status in Yazidi liberated areas, and key factors that are preventing Yazidis from returning to their homes. These current geopolitical issues are serving to further disempower Yazidi survivors and to continue the genocide that IS began. This report contains recommendations to improve the situation of Yazidis and promotes some key solutions for the future of Yazidis in Iraq…Full report here: an Uncertain Future for Yazidis_A Report Marking Three Years of an Ongoing Genocide