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Announcement: A new Yazda branch is now open in Baghdad/Iraq

We are pleased to announce the completion of the registration processes of Yazda organization in Iraq under the name of “Yazda Al-Iraq”. The registration certificate, was given on Monday by Mr. Mohammad Taher Al-Tamimi, General Director of the NGOs Department at the General Secretariat for the Iraqi Council of Ministers.

This registration is essential for Yazda to continue its humanitarian mission in Iraq in general and the areas of Sinjar and the Nineveh Plain particularly.

The new branch will be able to better serve the needs of people in those Yazidi areas that are facing significant challenges in terms of security and services as well IDPs and refugees in camps in the region. We appreciate the role of Mr. Mohamed Taher Al-Tamimi in his contribution to the completion of the registration of Yazda in Baghdad.

We look forward to work with Iraqi government, local and international organizations to improve the lives of people in the region and support the safe return process of displaced people to their areas.
To this date, Yazda is a registered non-profit organization in Iraq, Kurdistan region of Iraq, the USA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia. Yazda was able to implement tens of educational, medical, psychosocial, and humanitarian projects in Sinjar and for IDPs and refugees camps in Kurdistan region of Iraq since 2014.