10 May 2017
by admin

Nadia Murad and Yazda President spoke at Stanford

Nadia Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist and UNODC GoodWill Ambassador, and Yazda President Haider Elias spoke at the annual Stanford Global Studies student dinner on April 17.
As a part of our mission to help the Yazidi victims Nadia Murad and Yazda organization continue to supporting a cause of Yazidi community and bringing their issues to the attention of the international community. We continue to focuses on advocacy and raising awareness of the nearly half million of men, women, and children from this minority.
Speaking to Stanford, Ms. Murad and Elias mentioned that one of their current priorities is to persuade the United States and other world governments to create a protected zone with a peacekeeping force in the area of northern Iraq that the Yazidi people and other minority communities have called home for thousands of years
During the event Ms. Murad explained the Importance of bringing ISIS members to Inter National Criminal Court. If we do not bring ISIS to justice, she said, we legitimize them as a force and as warriors. Bringing the ISIS senior leaders deemed most responsible to be tried at the ICC would feel like justice and we want to see them in the court as criminals. She also mentioned “We want the world to see them talk and confess what they were doing so the entire world can watch and listen to them as criminals, not as warriors”. And we don’t believe defeating ISIS by bombing alone will exterminate them, because the ideology is still there. We have to fight the ideology

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