10 May 2017
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Yazda support for the Yazidi women

Yazda accompanied 40 Yazidi survivors to Lalish Temple to celebrate the New Year.

Dated on 4/18/2017 the night of Yazidi New Year, Yazda staff in Iraqi branch accompanied 40 women and girls who survived from ISIS captivity to Lalish Temple to participate, and celebrate Yazidi New Year.

This group of women and girls were dressed in white and Yazidi traditional dress that reflect the Yazidi purity and cultures.

The survivors were gathered in Yazda-Iraq in Dohuk, then they driven to the holy place of Lalish.

They welcomed warmly by Yazidi community and particularly spiritual leader “Baba Shex”, his holiness welcomed them to the Yazidi community and called them to start a new life after ISIS captivity.
The Yazidi survivors lighted the candles by sunset and prayer together for other Yazidis who are still in ISIS captivity and they asked peace to be generated all over the world and human beings.

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