Completed projects2014-2016


In partnership with Norwegian Church Aid, Kurdistan Region’s Health Directorate of Dohuk, German Action Medeor, and other international and local partners, Yazda provided free medial services to a community of 14,000 IDPs in Shiekhan, Dohuk Province. This project was Completed in December 2016 and another organization replaced Yazda.

In partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Yazda provided livelihood support to hundreds of families in Sinjar in 2016-2017. The spent amount budget was ~ 230,000 USD and the program was closed in March 2017.

In Partnership with one of our international donors, we have completed construction of a primary school consistent of 6 classroom in Bakra village. The school will serve more than 120 kids who were unable to access basic education. The project was completed in April 2017 and handed over to education authorities.

In partnership with several Yazidi groups in Germany, Yazda provided several trucks of cloths, food, education supplies and other emergency items since 2014.

In 2015-2016 Yazda managed an education program in the camps and at the university of Dohuk and Zaxo to equip students with key knowledge and motivation to deal with the Genocide and succeed in their lives. The program was completed in summer 2016. This program also included printing books related to the Genocide.



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