Documentation Project

Aims of this project:

  • to collect testimonies of the crimes committed against people by ISIS and advocate for the recognition of the genocide.
  • to collect information on Missing Persons
  • to collect evidence of ISIS crimes and save them for legal purpose
  • to record the destruction of religious sites, properties and infrastructure.
  • to identify on the ground the mass graves and killing sites.
  • to allow, through the process of remembering, an opportunity to heal.
  • to allow a future reconciliation based on recognition of responsibilities and justice.
  • to preserve Yazidi cultural identity.

After ISIS attacks on Yazidis and other minorities in 3rd of August 2014 there was an essential needs to document ISIS genocide crimes, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Therefore and for this purpose Yazda Global organization started a documentation project on October 17, 2014 and establishes a documentation centre in 2016.

Through the Documentation Centre, our goal is to organise the database where victim’s interviews are gathered together with clues on perpetrators, dates, numbers, and facts. In other words, the work involves

extensive interviews with survivors of ethnic cleansing, forced conversion, a n d e n s l a v e m e n t , r e c o r d i n g eyewitness testimonies of the genocidal campaign as well as locates and investigates the mass graves of victims. Sites of destruction are documented and filmed in detail, a n d a l l i n t e r v i e w s a r e b e i n g transcribed and translated to produce written reports.


All data is collected according to international legal standards and this

body of evidence is kept extremely confidential, and in the hands of international human rights lawyers such as Yazda legal Advisor and International Human rights Lawyer Amal Clooney. This work will hopefully help bring justice to victims of genocide and hold ISIS accountable for their crimes against innocent people in the region.

This project was funded for the past past 2 years by 331 Roses, Chardan financial, ICMP and some private donors. We currently needs additional funding to support the scope of work that our documentation team is conducting.

The project consists of three components:


1. Comprehensive written and video documentation on sites of destruction


2. Extensive interviews with a diverse group of key former victims, including former victims of ethnic cleansing, forced conversion, and enslavement. All interviews are being transcribed and translated into written reports


3. In-depth look at mass graves

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