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Farida Abbas Khalaf, and on behalf the Yazidi people, received the LiberPress Catalunya 2017 Prize

On Behalf of Yazidi people, Ms Farida Abbas Khalaf, a Yazidi survivor of ISIS enslavement,received the LiberPress Catalunya 2017 Prize yesterday in Barcelona. Yazda board member in Germany, Saeed Suliman, had the honor to accompany Ms Abbas and particpate in the award cermoney.

The Yazidi people receive this award for the persecution and tragedy they have suffered throughout their existence as a religious minority, especially in recent years, in which they have been victims of an ongoing genocide by so-called Islamic State, also known as (ISIS or Daesh).

Yazda and on behalf of Yazidi people would like to thank the LiberPress team, all Catalans and Spanish people for their solidarity with the desperate Yazidi people. We Would also like to express our warmest congratulation to Ms. Farida Abbas and all Yazidi people for receiving this prestige award.

The LiberPress Association is a very well recognized non-governmental, humanitarian and non-profit association founded in the Catalan city of Girona in 1999. Liberpress has the aim of raising awareness and of promoting a“culture of solidarity”.

Farida`s campaign is sponsored and supported by Yazda. You read her story in her book in this link: The Girl Who Escaped ISIS: Farida’s Story.