Get Involved

A. Volunteer with us 

Yazda was built by the hands and minds of thousands of volunteers who supported our humanitarian and advocacy efforts since 2014.  


We offer two options for volunteering: 

  1. Independently advocate where individuals and entities can promote causes Yazda was founded on, raise  awareness of the Genocide,  campaigning on Yazda’s behalf, or fundraising. 

  2. Work for Yazda from home:  Yazda offer opportunity for interested individuals  to support Yazda from home, this may include writing, reviewing, or editing reports, publications, etc, graphical designs, special projects in art, music, etc. 

  3. Assignment to Yazda projects oversees: Yazda offer to selected individuals opportunity to travel to Iraq to work in one of Yazda’s four centers across Iraq, or at the Dohuk center in the Kurdistan Region. We offer housing, transportation, and and a small step-in for food or provide food at the center. There is no monthly salary for these position. Minimum period is 3 months, preferably 6 months or more. 

How to Apply: Interested individuals may submit their resume and cover letter/letter of intent to Details of volunteering offer should be included in the cover letter. 

B. Take Action

  1. Join One of our ongoing campaigns

  2. Establish own campaign in Yazda’s mission support in one of the following

    1. A Humanitarian Initiative 

    2. Advocate for Accountability and Justice 

    3. Recognition of Genocide 

    4. Recognition of Rape as a Weapon of War and Genocide 

    5. Resettlement of Survivors and Refugees to safe countries 

    6. Advocate for rights of Religious minorities in Iraq, Syria and across the Middle East.

    7. Promote Religious Tolerance and Combat Genocide and Persecution of Belief 

    8. Fundraise for Survivors/ Yazda’s projects 

How to Apply: Interested individuals may submit their project proposal to


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