Health and Medical Services

Our Health and Medical  Services include Mobile Medical Clinics & Primary Health Centre (PHC):

Our current mobile medical clinics provide free health care to remote areas in Sinjar Mountain. The local people in these areas are either displaced, or returnees trying to rebuild their homes and lives, and do not have access to medical care.

The mission of the Yazda mobile clinic is to address the need for accessible, cost-effective primary health care by bringing the doctor to the people. Our ability to deliver services directly to mountain villages difficult to access helps us respond to the needs of people who may otherwise have been left undiagnosed and untreated.

The mobile clinic provides full-time, 5 days a week, medical coverage. Since our inception, we have been serving more than 2,100 patients per month in about 35 locations on the north side of Sinjar Mountain. Yazda is grateful for the powerful collaboration of like-minded individuals who have aligned with us to ensure that health care for the people of Mount Sinjar is available. We are especially appreciative to the Central Council of Yazidis in Germany who provided us our mobile clinic vehicle.

Nearly $2,700, or a little over half of our monthly operating budget, has been kindly donated to cover year one. We are hopeful that other donors will partner with us to ensure the continuation of our mobile medical services, amounting to $4,200 per month. These primary expenses include clinic facilities, medical equipment and supplies, as well as clinic worker salaries. Moreover, while the Department of Health has generously provided Yazda with several medicines, high-demand medicine that runs out must be paid for through our own budget.

The Mobile Medical Clinic on Mount Sinjar offers:

  • Alcohol/drug treatment referral
  • Cancer screening
  • Asthma treatment
  • Cholesterol management
  • Diabetes support
  • Hypertension care
  • Counseling
  • Dispensary
  • HIV testing and follow-up
  • Lab services
  • Primary care

This project founded by Tent Foundation during 2016. From our Snoni/Sinjar office, a Mobile Medical Unit was deployed to provide basic health to 35 villages. Staffed by a medic and a nurse/ pharmacist, it assisted close to 2,000 patients per month, in areas where no other medical service is available. Equipped with an IT database, it keeps track of each patient through the multiple visits. It can count on medicines provided in part by the government and in part by private donors. The service also offers emergency transport to larger local hospitals when needed.

Primary Health Centre (PHC):

This project was in partnership with Norwegian Church Aid, Kurdistan Region’s Health Directorate of Dohuk,  German Action Medeor, and other international and local partners, Yazda provided free medical services to a community of 15,000 Essyan IDP Camp, Dohuk Province for 2 years. This project was Completed in December 2016 and another organization replaced Yazda.

Services offered to the community increased in 2016, when the team of medical staff expanded to include a gynecologist, and a dentist, bringing the total staff to 24 people. In 2016 Yazda bought an ultrasound scan to add to its diverse equipment. Medicines were supplied regularly by the local government with whom e enjoyed a collaborative relation. Every month the PCH saw close to 6,000 patients, whose details were managed through a professional database.