In Yazda Press

High level meeting between Yazda and USAID

Yazda Executive director, Murad Ismael, met in Baghdad today with a senior delegation of USIAD headed by Counselor Thomas H. Staal.

‏The two sides discussed the the current humanitarian situation in Sinjar and Nineveh Plain, including; health, education, survivors health and well-being, region security, and de-mining.

The two sides also discussed fundamental requirements of a sustainable re-establishment of prosecuted communities in these areas after the Genocide.

‏Yazda raised a number to pressing issues including unavailability of basic humanitarian needs in Sinjar, Nineveh Plain and the camps, the roads blockage on Sinjar, unavailability of medicine and senior medical staff, shortage in teachers and teaching supplies, need for heating Kerosene, in addition to other urgent matters.

Also Yazda urged USAID to support immigration and resettlement programs for Yazidi victims and their families to the USA and other countries.