Yazidi Genocide:

On August 3, 2014, around 2:00 am local time, the terrorist group of the Islamic State launched a coordinated attack targeting the Yazidi people in the district of Sinjar. The attack was initiated from the southern side of Mount Sinjar. After several hours, the attack progressed from all the four sides which put the population under a tight siege.

The Islamic State surrounded some 150,000 Yazidis under the deadly heat of August in Mount Sinjar, where Yazidis endured terrible conditions with little food or water until the 7th of August. During the chaos of the escape, the Islamic State summarily executed estimated five thousand males, hundreds of children, and about 86 women.

The group abducted approximately 7,000 Yazidis, mostly women, girls and children. Yazidi women, girls and female children as young as seven year old were all indiscriminately used as sex slaves. Yazidi male children were separated from their mothers, brain-washed and radicalized, and eventually used as children soldiers.

A ground rescue operation by an estimated 3,000 Yazidi volunteer defenders and the Syrian Kurdish Protection Units (YPG), jointly with an airstrikes campaign by the United States and other Air-forces led to ending the siege on August 7th.

From August 7th-13th, a safe passage was opened between the town of Dogure and Dohula and tens of thousands of civilians managed to flee toward Rojava and then to KRI. Estimated 10,000 Yazidi civilians remained on the mountain. The mountain was put for a period from late October to December of 2014 under a second siege after the Islamic State controlled again the northern safe passage. Not only Sinjar was attacked, but also Yazidis from the Nineveh plain towns of Bashiqa, Bahzani, Mahad, Shikhan and other villages were attacked and forced to flee.

The Islamic State destroyed every Yazidi religious site and temple in the territories they occupied. Yazidi homes and properties were looted and possessions of several generations were used. The Genocide also forced an estimated 70,000 Yazidis to flee to Europe, mainly taking dangerous routes through the Aegean Sea in 2014, 2015 and 2016. A risky process that also cost hundreds of lives.

The Islamic State singled out Yazidis and gave those whom they captured one choice: convert to Islam or die. Compelling evidence suggest that a genocide took place against the Yazidi people and that the Genocide is still ongoing. The United Nation, European Union, the United States, UK, France, Canada and other countries have formally recognized the Yazidi Genocide.

Important reports:

1- Mortality and kidnapping estimates for the Yazidi population in the area of Mount Sinjar, Iraq, in August 2014: A retrospective household survey

2- “They came to destroy”: ISIS Crimes Against the Yazidis*