Our Partners & Sponsors

Some of Yazda`s  Partners, Contributors and Donors:

Yazda’s impact would not be possible without our many contributors whose generous donations and grants are helping us make a difference to the lives of thousands of Yazidis. We are particularly grateful to the broad range of local and international actors that work in partnership with Yazda and allow us to maximize our impact. This list is comprised of those who have supported the work of Yazda through donations and contributions in kind. On behalf of Yazidis everywhere, thank you.

1- Ms Amal Clooney

2- Baden-Württemberg State Government, Germany


4 Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Program/Department of State-US

5-International Rescue Committee (IRC)

6- United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

7- Norwegian Church Aid

8- Chobani

9- Human Rights Watch

10- Center for Global Engagement

11- Global Citizens

12-  Thomas Reuters Foundation

13- Help Iraq Organization

14-  IAHV

15- Ibtisam Foundation  

16- Iraq Ministry of Social Affairs

 17- Jiyan Foundation  

18-  Local doctors and psychologists in Dohuk and Erbil  

19- Medeor  

20- Preemptive Love

21- Red Cross

22- Mr Luis Moreno Ocampo

23- Watchers of the Sky

24-  Samalia Foundation

25-  Samaritan Purse

26- Sewa International

27- Vital Voices

28- Watchers of the Sky

29- Global Center for R2P

30- Road to Peace

31- Aegis Trust

32- Yezidische Jugend Oldenburg

33- WHO

34- Women in the World

35- Google Zeitgeist

36- It`s On U

37- Forensic Architecture Team at Goldsmiths, University of London

38- Uncommon Union

39- Afya Foundation

40- Health Directorate of Dohuk

41- Ministry of Immigration, Australia

42- Walk Free/ Freedom United

43- European Observatory for Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights

44- CAP International

45- TrustLaw

46- Goldman Sachs

47- Government of Canada

48-European Observatory for Non-discrimination and Fundamental Rights