210 women and 175 men from Shabak Community are benefiting from one of Yazda`s project in Bashiqa.

Yazda with its partners and as a part of the second phase of their project “Building Resilience of Conflict-Affected Populations in Bashiqe-Ninewah through Rehabilitation of Critical Irrigation Infrastructure’’ are supporting 385 people, 210 women and 175 men, from the Shabak Community in Darawish Village in Bashiqa.

The aim of this project is to reduce vulnerability and support resilience in conflict-affected households in Bashiqa areas by increasing agricultural production and supporting cash transfers to vulnerable households to meet their immediate needs.

Activities of this project include, but not limited, to:

  1. Cash for work support to 200 vulnerable women to re/establish kitchen gardens for vegetable growing. Yazda and its partners are also providing seeds, fertilisers, seedlings, install Drip Irrigation System for each garden, and other required tools.

  2. Engage 165 men in cash for work activities to carry out the below works.

  3. Drain, clean and fill 3 waste water sink holes.

  4. Rehabilitated 4 open man-holes, about 1,5m each.

  5. Rehabilitated surface of sewer for some canals.

  6. Gravel fortification of dirt roads adjacent to sewage canals.

  7. Hire 20 Supervisors (10 male, 10 female) engaged to supervise the cash for work and kitchen gardening activities.

The first phase of this project took place in Bashiqa and Bazani where 490 workers from the Yazidi, Shabak and Christian communities befitted from it for over 5 months. The outcomes of the first phase were as follow:

  1. Around 20,000 olive trees were properly weeded and pruned and various types of debris and dead trees were removed from the land.

  2. 124 hectares of land, 1,240,000 million meters squire, were cleared.

  3. 411 meters of concrete canals were rehabilitated.

  4. 10 km of main and sub-main canals were rehabilitated.

  5. Over 1000 olive trees were re-planted.

  6. Digging 2 boreholes and 2 generators, 50KVA, were purchased for them.