834 children are Learning English, Literature, Art, Design, Critical Thinking & more at Yazda Sinjar

Locations and names of schools and number of beneficiaries at Yazda Informal Education Center in Sinjar

Yazda Informal Education Project is running in 5 collective villages: Duhola, Dugure, Borek, Gohobal and Zorava in the North Part of Sinjar Mountain. In these 5 places, 834 children are registered and attending the informal education activities provided by 13 teachers under supervision of Yazda Education Team in Sinjar. These educational and entertainment activities include: English, Literature, Art and Design, Culture, Critical Thinking, Eco-Friendly Classes, Music, Sport and more.

The enrolled children at this program are in different age range, starting with 4 years up to 13 years. The project is very beneficial for children, especially those who are 4 and 5 years old to get prepared for the formal education which starts with being 6 years old. Yazda`s Informal Education Project supported over 2500 children in the past 4 years.

In addition to the Informal Education, Yazda is currently taking several measures to support access the formal education in Sinjar and this is include:

1- Supporting 1,200 students to reach school through the provision of transportation with support of USAID-ICRI. More information on the project can be found here.

2- Yazda has been providing lecture-based allowances to 35 teachers in eight schools since last December.

3- Yazda supports schools in Sinjar with furniture, educational and school supplies.