A symposium on the Yazidi Genocide was held on the 18th-19th of April at Yale University

A symposium on the Yazidi Genocide was held on the 18th-19th of April at Yale University, hosted by the MacMillan Center’s Genocide Studies Program.

On the evening of the 18th, the Center hosted a public discussion between Nadia Murad and Prof. David Simon, the director of the Center. Several panels on the Yazidi Genocide were held on the 19th, with expert participants from a variety of fields.

Among the participants were Salema Mirza from Sinjar who now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and works with Yazda; Guley Bor, former Yazda Documentation Project Manager; and Matthew Barber, former Executive Director of Yazda Iraq.

Guley presented on the legal possibilities for working out a program of reparations for Yazidi survivors of the Genocide at the Iraqi state level; Salema discussed Yazidi culture, feelings surrounding the Genocide, and the need for more efforts to bring missing persons home and resolve the Genocide; and Matthew suggested that an International Sinjar Commission be formed to work together with officials in Baghdad and Yazidis in Sinjar in order to end Sinjar’s disputed territory status and create stable administration and security so that Yazidis can return home from the IDP camps and rebuild their lives.

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