Nadia Murad’s historic visit to Sinjar and Yazda Office

With great honor, we received Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for 2018, Nadia Murad, at our office in Senone sub-district, Sinjar. Her visit came as part of her advocacy trip to Iraq and Kurdistan. The purpose of the visit was to observe Yazda current programming in the region.

Nadia was welcomed by a group of woman who are beneficiaries of Yazda’s women's programs and who have been victimized by the genocide campaign committed by ISIS in the past 4 years. She discussed some of the urgent issues with the group and updated them on her current advocacy plan and what steps the International community needs to provide in order to recover from 2014 genocide.

She was also received by a group of Yazidi children who have been beneficiaries of Yazda's education projects for English and leadership. The group welcomed her with music and flowers and congratulated her on winning the Nobel peace Prize. The students pledged to Nadia to continue her relentless efforts to advocate for the persecuted people, including the Yazidis.

Yazda would like to thank Nadia Murad for her historic visit to our center. We support her efforts to continue her advocacy. We also welcome a unified approach to deliver even a stronger message and address many complex challenges facing the community and the region.

During her visit, Nadia announced that she will donate the value of the Nobel Prize to build a hospital for women and children in Sinjar and surrounding districts, a step that we welcome as it is a highly needed project for the region.