Opening of the second largest Yazidi Temple after Lalish in Republic of Armenia

Yesterday, September 29th, Yazidis from all around the world attended the opening ceremony of the second largest temple in Armenia.

The initiative of building the new temple was created and funded by the Yazidi-Armenian businessman, Mirza Sloyan. The goal of building Yazidi temples is to strengthen Yazidis connection to their faith and preserve their culture.

This comes with a great importance after the genocide committed by ISIS. The temple will also serve as a cultural and educational center for Yazidis in the region.

The population of Yazidis in Armenia is estimated to be 35,000. Yazidis fled from southeastern Turkey to Armenia, Russia and Georgia as a result of Othman genocidal campaigns against Armenians, Yazidis and others in late 1880s/early 1990s.

Yazda Representatives attended the opening ceremony and congratulated the community for this significant achievement. The temple will further strengthen connection of the Yazidis to their faith and to Armenia as their country.