Portuguese Parliament Recognised The Yazidi Genocide Committed By ISIS: Joint Statement


On the occasion of the Portuguese Parliament`s vote on the recognition of the Yazidi people genocide committed by Daesh the Estoril Conferences together with Yazda (Global Yazidi organization) issue the following joint statement:

We, Yazda and Estoril Conferences, express our profound gratitude to the Members of the Portuguese Parliament for their vote on the recognition of the Yazidi people genocide in Iraq by Daesh. This vote was passed unanimously today, on 29 November 2019.


There is conclusive evidence that Daesh has committed genocidal acts against the Yazidis, including mass and individual killings, torture, beatings and inhuman and degrading treatment, rape, sexual slavery, and abuse, with the objective of destroying the Yazidis population. However, the perpetrators of genocide against Yazidis have not yet been brought to international justice.


The Estoril Conferences and Yazda are determined to continue to work together in pursuit of justice and accountability for crimes against the Yazidi people. As the next step, we would urge all political stakeholders to seriously engage and take prompt and effective action on this matter to ensure that perpetrators of these massacres are prosecuted under an international criminal court.

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