Sinjar Students Transportation Project to support 1200 students in remote areas in Sinjar

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Yazda is pleased to announce the ‘’Sinjar Students Transportation Project’’ funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Iraq Community Resilience Initiative (ICRI).

This project aims to increase school attendance among returnees in Snuni, Sinjar and the surrounding villages and towns. For many students, particularly those from periphery communities, limited access to transportation is a key barrier to school attendance: schools are often far from where students live, school buses are not yet running, and families may lack resources to provide their own transportation.

With support of 18 buses, 18 drivers, 2 coordinators and a project manager along with Yazda`s core staff in Iraq, around 1200 students from remote areas in Sinjar will be able to easily access schools. This project will also conduct community town hall events to identify permanent solutions to address barriers to school access.

Snuni and Sinjar periphery communities are inhabited primarily by minority communities that suffered significant displacement and infrastructure damage during the ISIS occupation. Barriers to accessing schools that have re-opened is one of the challenges hindering recovery and IDP returns.

Yazda is thankful to the USAID/ICRI for their support to this project and the people of Sinjar and looks forward to continuing its partnership well into the future. Thanks also to the Iraqi State Company for Land Transport, Ministry of Transportation, NGO Directorate in Baghdad, Reconciliation Committee-Sinjar Office for supporting this project.