The 12th Anniversary of Al-Qaeda Attacks on Yazidis in Sinjar

On August 14, 2007, the people of Tel-Azer (Qahtaniya) and Sybaia (Al-Jazeera) towns, home to more than 60, 000 Yazidis, were targeted by the Al-Qaeda terrorist group with four coordinated explosions in what is classified as the second largest terrorist attack ever, only less devastating from September 11th terror attack in the New York City.

Around 800 people killed and more than 1500 injured. Hundreds are still missing after 12 years of the attack. Al-Qaeda members, with the support of local extremists, coordinated four attacks using 4 large tracks, holding more than 6 tons of explosives, among Yazidi civilians in the heart of the two towns.

Yazidis were again targeted by Sunni extremists who labeled them as infidels or unbelievers, the very same ideology which the so-called Islamic State based their genocidal campaign against Yazidis in 2014.

“Our community has suffered tremendously on the hand of Islamic extremists; the 2007 Attack was based on same merits in which the so-called Islamic State based its campaign in 2014. Therefore, the world shall acknowledge that persecution of Yazidis is not a temporal event, to ensure the safety of the Yazidi people; International community, Iraq and Kurdistan Region of Iraq must adopt new mechanisms to ensure lasting peace for Yazidi and other minorities in Iraq . The international community has a moral obligation to protect Yazidis, if Yazidi protection is not possible in their homeland, then the world should open their doors for them throughout resettlement and immigration programs,” Said Haider Elias, Yazda president and a former citizen of Tel Azir town who lost some of his relatives in this attack.