USAID Special Representative discussed humanitarian programs with Yazidi community in Nebraska

Yazda team and members of the Yazidi community in Nebraska were honored to meet with Max Primorac- USAID Special Representative for Minority Assistance Programs.

Mr. Primorac provided an update on USAID humanitarian programming in Sinjar and the Ninawa Plains. He shared his perspective from the ground regarding reconstruction and recovery efforts by the USAID to implement strategies and technical support for Yazidis to have a safe return to their homes in Sinjar.

Members from Yazidi community participated in the meeting and they were able to share their feedback and recommendations to Max as he leads USAID programs in the region.

USAID has been an essential part of the recovery and reconstruction efforts to help the minority communities in Nineveh to heal from the 2014 genocide. Yazda would like to thank the USAID and the entire US government for providing essential services in minority areas.