Yazda Announces a New Project in Bashiqa and Bahzani

Yazda is pleased to announce a new project titled “Building Resilience of Conflict Affected Populations in Bashiqe, Ninewah through Rehabilitation of Critical Irrigation Infrastructure’’ that aim to reduce vulnerability and support resilience in conflict-affected households in Bashiqa and Bahzani areas by increasing agricultural production of the Olive and supporting cash transfers to vulnerable households to meet their immediate needs. 

The project is a five months’ project and it includes the rehabilitation and cleaning of irrigation soil and concrete canals in the 84 ha of agricultural land in historical areas of Bashiqa and Bahzani Olive Fields. The project will include clearing of debris and dead trees, weeding, and pruning, for 17,000 Olive trees.

Yazda part of the project is to manage the Cash for Work for 200 workers for a period of 70 days. 

Yazda is the implementing partner of the project. People in Need (PIN) administers the project and will also drill two new boreholes to supplement irrigation of the Olive.  The Project is funded by World Food Programme (WFP).