Yazda Board member participated in National Holocaust Memorial Day events in Scotland

Yazda board member and director of Sweden, Mrs. Delkhwaz Haciy, participated and delivered speech in the commemoration of the National Day of the Holocaust in Scotland to remember the plight of thousands of people who suffered from persecution and genocide.

Mrs. Delkhwaz Haciy shared the story of Yazidi survivors and the Yazidi community both in Iraq and in exile. She emphasized the impact of the ongoing genocide against her community and their need of support to rebuild their lives in Iraq or wherever they seek protection.

British artist Hannah Rose Thomas also presented her work of Yazidi survivors, telling their stories, pain and strength through paintings.

Several events were held in three days for school children and the general public. Survivors from different countries, including Rwanda and survivors of the Holocaust, participated along with members from the Scottish parliament and the Jewish community in Glasgow.

The events were organized and funded by Interfaith Scotland, The Scottish Government and Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.