Yazda calls on the UN and Iraq to investigate possible murdering of 50 Yazidi women in Syria

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Yazda and entire Yazidi community, especially families of kidnapped Yazidi women and girls, are deeply concerned about potential murdering of some 50 Yazidi women and girls in the city of Deir Al-Zour in Syria.

The Daily Mail news website suggested in a news report that the British troops, during an operation against ISIS in the city of Deir Al- Zour, found evidence of beheading of 50 Yazidi women, and that remains of these women was found in a garbage container in a tunnel near the area of Baghouz.

Yazda has not been able to independently confirm the report. On a different media outlet, the Egyptian site Alyoum Al- Sabee, a report suggested that the Yazidi girls under ISIS captivity were not allowed to leave eastern Syria under a direct command by ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi after coalition airplanes bombarded ISIS locations killing a number of their dominant leaders.

The news website also suggested that ISIS confirmed killing of the Yazidi kidnapped women and that ISIS members who carrying citizenship of multiple countries were involved in the women slaughtering.

This horrific crime committed by ISIS against Yazidi girls is part of an still an ongoing Genocide targeting very existence of Yazidi community as a group and as an identity.

Yazda calls on the United Nation and the Iraqi government to open an urgent investigation on the specific matter and pursue ISIS members wherever they might have been seeking safe havens.

We call on forming a rescue committee to undertake the task of searching for the remaining 3000 Yazidi women and children who remain in captivity.