Yazda Case Management & PSS team supported 581 Cases in Iraq and KRI so far this year

Yazda PSS and Case Management Team has adopted a multi-dimensional approach to provide PSS, legal, medical, livelihood and cash support to hundreds of victims and survivors of ISIS enslavement and victims of human rights abuse in Sinjar, Sinuni, Bashiqa and Duhok so far this year.  

  • Yazda supported 184 cases in Sinjar city and 80 cases in Bashiqa town so far as a part of the USAID funded and Heartland Alliance International supported project ’’Safe Return Project to support victims of severe human rights violations in Nineveh to be able to successfully return and reintegrate to their home communities”.

  • In Sinuni town, Yazda was able to provide support to 160 cases as part of the USAID funded and IOM supported project, “Supporting the return of the displaced population in the Nineveh Plains and West Nineveh”. This Project is supporting the return of the most vulnerable by undertaking a multidisciplinary, supervised program which include livelihood and economic independency, supporting access to services, including social cohesion and psychosocial support, diaspora engagement, and administrative support.

  • In Duhok and as a part of Administrative support project, Yazda supported 157 cases from IDP camps this year. This project is now funded by Stichting Vluchteling and GIZ (The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH). Thought the same program, Yazda was able to help over 2000 survivors and their family members to resettle in Australia and Canada in the past 3 years. Hundreds of other survivors get over half million dollars as a cash support though this project from the Freedom House as well as other private and public support from different NGOs and government organisations/agencies in KRI and Iraq.

Yazda is grateful to all the above-mentioned partners for their continues support to survivors and victims of ISIS enslavement, persecuted religious minorities and Iraqi community in General.

* The video below is a part of our activities in Sinjar with support of USAID and HAI.