Yazda Continues Providing Free Health Services & Medicines to 14 Villages in Sinjar

Yazda Mobile Medical Team continues to provide free health services and medicines to the community in 14 villages north of Sinjar Mountain since February 2016. This project is generously funded by Stichting Vluchteling since April 2018.

The Mobile Medical Clinic team consists of a medical doctor, two nurses, one pharmacist and one driver who all are traveling together 5 days a a week to support 350-400 patients per week in the most remote and difficult to reach areas north to the Sinjar Mountain which include: Adeeka, Tairaf, Aldeenah, Kharbah, Qane, Bayeev, Naqsay, Bakrah, Kormale, Zerwa, Bakhilif, Shorka, Gurmiz and Karse.

The communities based in these villages have very limited access to healthcare due to their physically remote location and financial background. The villages are located in mountainous areas on the slopes of Mount Sinjar and far off the main road, which means the only access is through unpaved muddy roads. During snowfall in winter, and with heavy floods in spring, access is restricted even further. The majority of the population in the aforementioned area are poor farmers and shepherds who rarely leave their home villages.

The continuation of the Mobile Medical Unit is therefore vital to serve these vulnerable communities and ensure they have access to essential, basic health services and medicine.

Yazda is grateful to Stichting Vluchteling for their generous support to the people of Sinjar and to this important project.