Yazda Delegation met with the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights

During a visit to Baghdad, Yazda international members had met with a member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Ali Al- Bayati, during the meeting, both parties discussed variety of issues faced Yazidi and other minorities and vulnerable groups in Iraq.

After a warm welcome by Al- Bayati, they emphasized that Yazidis are still suffering, and the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights will try all possible efforts to obtain the Yazidi legitimate rights in coordination with the Iraqi governmental authorities.

Yazda expressed its desire to work with commission to obtain a legal justice to the Yazidi community, who subjected to genocide campaign by ISIS, the efforts will include aids through providing reports on the humanitarian situation, and human rights violations issues, with emphasizing the importance of coordination and cooperation between two sides in term of modifying the laws that grantee the rights of the minority communities.

Yazda also, insured the importance of the role of the High Commission for Human Rights intervention to expedite the opening of mass graves according to international standards to help the families of victims who are still waiting to know the fate of their beloved once.