Yazda delegation participate in Estoril Conference in Portugal last week

Yazda delegation met with the President of the Republic of Croatia on the sideline of the Estoril conference in Portugal last week

Yazda congratulates its partner Estoril Conferences for the successful organisation of the 6th edition of its Annual Conferences last week in Portugal which was titled "Empowering Humanity, From Local to Global Justice"

Yazidi Genocide survivor and the writer of “I Remain a Daughter of the Light Book", Dalal Khairo and Yazda Representatives were honoured to be a part of this important conference.

As one of opening panelists alongside with Dr Denis Mukwege a Nobel Peace laureate, Dalal testified about the crimes committed by ISIS against her and the Yazidi community. Dalal also requested the parliament of Portugal to recognise the Yazidi genocide and acknowledge ISIS crimes against all communities in Iraq and Syria. This was the same request in the last edition of this conference by Farida Khalaf, a Yazidi Genocide survivor, Yazda Board Member and the writer of the book ’’he Girl Who Escaped ISIS.’’.

With the support of Estoril Conferences team, Dalal and Yazda representatives, were able to participate in different meetings on different levels, including meetings with the President of the Republic of Croatia and former President of Latvia. Future of minorities, accountability and recognition of genocide were discussed in these meetings. 

Bellow video is the opening strong speech by Ms.Teresa Violante, the Chairperson of the Estoril Conferences.