Yazda delegation participated in the 1st International Conference on Action with Women & Peace-Korea

A Yazda delegation participated in The 1st International Conference on “Action with Women and Peace” in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Yazidi survivor, Ms Dalal Khairo and alongside a representative from Yazda participated in The 1st International Conference on “Action with Women and Peace” organized by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Ms Dalal Khairo took part in one of the panel discussions with survivors, and members of SEMA, from South Sudan and Colombia and Dr. Denis Mukwege. Ms Dalal shared her story and the story of thousands of Yazidi women in ISIS captivity, and urged the Korean and distinguished guests to support Yazidi survivors of sexual violence, by support the rebuilding of Yazidi areas in Iraq and recognizing the Yazidi genocide. 

Dalal also expressed her fear that Yazidi survivors will be, as South Korean survivors have been, seeking justice for years, while ISIS will change their cloths in front of the eyes of governments and international community and go back to their normal lives without meeting justice.

SEMA members also met with Gil Won-ok, Korean survivor who suffered sexual violence during the Second World War as part of the Japanese military sexual slavery system, and participated in their Wednesday demonstration. 

Dalal expressed her solidarity and support for Korean survivors, “I want to tell South Korean survivors that we are here from Iraq, Sudan, Congo and Colombia to stand by your side and seek justice for your suffering. The struggle and pain of Korean survivors is similar to the pain and suffering of Yazidi survivors.”

Yazda would like to thank Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Kang Kyung-wha, for organizing the first International conference of its kind and the Mukwege Foundation and SEMA for supporting and bringing survivors together from all around the world.