Yazda distributed 398 aid baskets containing food & hygiene kits over 398 families in IDP camps

Updated: May 15, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IDP Camps in the Dohuk province are on lockdown since March 2020, resulting in many families losing their income and access to markets and basic supplies. In support of the community, Yazda is distributing 398 aid baskets containing food and hygiene kits which will benefit approximately 1496 people. 276 people are direct beneficiaries of Yazda and SV's project.

The lockdown and imposed social distancing is an added challenge to families and individuals. It is crucial at this time to be able to contact loved ones, reach out for health services, and Yazda's PSS case managers. Yazda, therefore, supplied each basket with calling credit to ensure communications remain open in these uncertain times.

The "Supporting Families Recently Arrived From Syria" project targets beneficiaries released from Syria in 2019, who survived Human Rights violations in captivity under ISIS. Under this project, generously funded by Stichting Vluchteling (SV), Yazda has been providing food, clothes, specialized medical care, Psychosocial Support, and Legal aid. Prior to the aid basket distribution, 158 beneficiaries benefited from these services over the last 13 months from Case Management.

Yazda is grateful to Stichting Vluchteling(SV) for its support in the distribution of aid baskets to the Yazidi community and other religious minorities in the Duhok Governorate, Also we are grateful to Duhok authorities and camp management for their cooperation and support.