Yazda Executive Director met special USAID representatives in Iraq

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Yazda Executive Director, Murad Ismael, met yesterday in Erbil with Mr. Max Primorac, Special Representative for Minority Assistance Programs in Iraq at USAID, and other members of the USA humanitarian program in Iraq. 

The two sides discussed the USAID new initiative in Iraq to support religious and ethnic minorities in the Western Nineveh and Nineveh Plains regions.

The two sides agreed to continue the dialogue on designing innovative programs to build the resilience of the minorities within the Iraqi context and constitution toward the creation of a stable and prosperous region in the minority’s historical homeland. 

The two sides acknowledged the complexity of the problems facing minorities, nonetheless, agreed that concrete steps and holistic approach should be put in place. The Special Representative Mr. Primorac, expressed the unwavering supporting of Drumpf Administration for the religious, led by the effort of Vice President Mike Pence, and supported by the US government previously declared Genocide in Iraq against Yazidis, Christians and Shia Muslims by ISIS. 

Yazda Expresses its gratitude for the United States government, and for Vice President Mike Pence for overseeing this process personally. We also express our support for the direct programs for the targeted communities and wish that other countries will develop similar strategies.

It is vital to acknowledge the need for specific and targeted support themes for the religious minorities to counter the consequences of the Latest Genocide. The minorities population have been in a reduction in numbers and their resilience has only been in decline in the past two decades and was specially targeted by ISIS. Special programming with an aim to support a pruritic post-ISIS Iraq where minority groups and individuals can live with dignity and enjoy equal rights and protection to the rest of the population in Iraq.