Yazda hosted a workshop to discuss The Yazidi case and the necessity of a long-term legal strategy

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

On 4 April 2019, Yazda had the immense pleasure to organise in Duhok, Iraq, a 1-day coordination workshop entitled “The Yazidi case – Necessity of a long-term legal strategy” with community representatives, local NGO partners and international organisations.

In the context of the arrival of UNITAD in Iraq and the first excavation conducted in Sinjar, the workshop aimed to discuss the future of the Yazidi case and to work together on a long-term legal strategy more than four years after the Sinjar attacks.

In a discussion led by Eliott Behar, a legal expert deployed to Yazda by Justice Rapid Response (JRR), potential justice avenues for the Yazidi case were first presented. The presentation was followed by fruitful group discussions.

Yazda hopes that this first coordination workshop helped the attendees to start to draw the contours of a long-term legal strategy and plans to organise other coordination workshops in the future.

Yazda would like to warmly thank @Hala Safil and @Zinah Khallat Sulaiman for their participation as well as representatives of the following agencies:


· Eyzidi Organization for Documentation

· Free Yezidi Foundation





· Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights


· Kinyat Organization for Documentation

· Peacebuilding Center, University of Duhok

· Tuly Turkmen Organization


· Yazda Documentation Team