Yazda & IOM met the Iraqi Authorities to discuss the Survivors Grant Scheme

Yazda, members of the Yazidi Survivors Network and IOM met with the Minister of Ministry of Migration and Displaced, representatives of the Legal Committee of the Council of Representatives, and the Head of DNGOs in Baghdad, to discuss the Survivors Grant Scheme

Duhok, 5 April 2021

On March 30th and 31st 2021, Yazda delegates and three members of the Yazidi Survivors Network (YSN) held a series of meetings with Iraqi government representatives in Baghdad to discuss Yazda’s report entitled “Interim Relief Program for CRSV in Iraq – Survivors’ Grant Scheme in practice and recommendations for its improvement” on the challenges and concerns of survivors of ISIS atrocities regarding the process of accessing the Survivors Grant Scheme.

The three meetings were with the Minister Ms. Evan Faiq at the Ministry of Migration and Displaced (MoMD); jointly with Mr. Muhammed Al- Gezzi, the deputy of the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Parliament and Mr. Saib Khider, the Yazidi representative and a member of the Legal Committee in the Iraqi Parliament. The meeting took place with Mr. Ashraf Abdul-kareem Murad, director-general of DNGOs Iraq, at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

The IQD 2 million scheme is intended as an interim measure, providing a once-off payment to support female survivors of ISIS atrocities. It was introduced by the Iraqi Higher Committee of the Relief and Support of the Displaced, in conjunction with the Ministry of Migration and Displacement.

858 from 899 Yazidi survivors had already received the grant between October and December 2019. According to the statistics of the Office of Yazidi Abductee Affairs, 3,543 survivors have returned from captivity since August 2014, including 1,204 Yazidi women.

Yazda conducted a representative sample assessment of the operation of the scheme, through interviews with 100 survivors, which identified a number of significant challenges requiring attention. A key issue is that survivors - both those who had already received the grant and those still awaiting payment - felt that the application process was complicated and unclear.

A copy of the report was presented in each of the three meetings and Yazda expressed its readiness to offer full support and assistance to governmental offices implementing the scheme.

The YSN members highlighted the great need for such support and for maximum cooperation between all sides. They re-iterated the challenges faced during the implementation process and requested urgent prioritizing of issues and concerns on grant payments and practical and speedy follow-up by all relevant authorities.

Yazda expresses its strong appreciation of the warm welcome and detailed engagement by the various authorities in all three meetings.

Yazda also wishes to thank our partners, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for supporting Yazda’s advocacy work for survivors.

To get the English version of Yazda report on Survivors Grant Scheme, Click Here

To get the English version of Yazda report on Survivors Grant Scheme Click Here