Yazda is briefing the Irish Parliament on Yazidi Situation

Yazda representatives are briefing the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the Irish Parliament on the Yazidi situation in Iraq. On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, the Yazda team briefed the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Irish Parliament on the situation of the Yazidis in Iraq and made proposals for assistance to the Yazidis in terms of humanitarian needs and legal issues. Ahmed Khadeeda, Yazda's UK Director and Deputy Executive Director, provided a detailed explanation of what happened to the Yazidis, Yazda's role in the genocide response, and the projects that Yazda is implementing to assist victims and survivors of the genocide. Nisreen Hassan, a survivor of ISIS violence and a member of the Yazidi Survivors' Network, discussed the needs of survivors and those still in ISIS captivity, as well as the role of the Yazidi Survivors' Network in internationalizing the Yazidi cause and rehabilitating and empowering survivors. Natia Navrouzov, Legal Advocacy Director at Yazda, spoke about the legal aspects of the Yazidi case, particularly the recognition of the genocide and the establishment of a special court to hold ISIS militants accountable, and the role that the Irish government can play in the Security Council to establish a tribunal for ISIS members. The Committee unanimously agreed to recommend to the Irish government consideration of a detailed proposal and budget from Yazda to provide resources to the Survivors' Network. Yazda wishes to thank the Committee and Irish Parliament and Government for their ongoing support for the Yazidis, as well as for convening this special session to discuss the situation of the Yazidis in Iraq.