Yazda Met Yazidi Refugees in Lebanon

Yazda Executive Director, Murad Ismael, and Lynn Zovighian, the Lebanese activist and supporter to Yazda global mission, met today with the Yazidi refugees in Lebanon who have recently fled their homeland in Afrin, Syria. In the meeting, the current situation and needs of an estimated 105 Yazidi families in Lebanon were discussed. 

From the various accounts, it was clear that the community was unable to return to Syria and that their current situation remains alarming. The lack of humanitarian services supports, legal challenges to receive their refugee status paperwork, the high cost of living and the wider need of the community for resettlement were among the needs.  Over the next few weeks, Yazda will collect and verify the cases and write a report on the situation of Yezidis in Syria. 

We are grateful to the support of the Lebanese communities, including religious institutions and NGOs who have supported the Yazidis and other refugees.