Yazda president participated in a panel disscussion on minorities in Syria hosted by FRC

Yazda President Haider Elias Participated in a panel discussion on minorities in North-astern part of Syria Hosted by FRC

Family Research Council hosted an event that highlighted the blossoming religious freedom for people of all faiths in the northeastern autonomous region of what used to be Syria, the constant threat some actors in the region pose to this religious freedom and causing the religious minorities (such as Yazidis and Christians) to flee and migrate to other countries for fear of being persecuted.

Tuesday night, July 16 at this special FRC event on the future of religious liberty in Northeast Syria, Elias talked about the importance of holding the monsters of ISIS accountable. More than 5,800 people died in that massacre, but at least 3,000 are unaccounted for -- girls who endured unimaginable torture and suffering.

We want to thank the Family Research Council for inviting Yazda to participate in this important event .