Yazda Report on the First Excavation in Kocho (Sinjar)

The first excavation conducted in Kocho (Sinjar) from 15 March to 20 March 2019 by the Directorate of Mass graves, Martyrs Foundation under observation of UNITAD went according to plan.

Yazda’s documentation team was present during the whole excavation to monitor the process and to support the families. Yazda was also able to provide psychological-support as well as support families with the services of its Mobile Clinic.

Yazda would like to warmly thank all members of UN Investigative Team(UNITAD) and the Iraqi forensic teams for their great efforts and hard work during the entire process.

Yazda would also like to thank the Mukhtar of Kocho, Naif Jasso who welcomed Yazda in its village as well as the security forces present which provided protection at all times.

Yazda also had the opportunity to ask questions raised by the families to the experts, including Mr Karim Khan the head of the UNITAD who present on the site and compiled the answers in the following video.